Let’s catch up?

March 19, 2018

Dear Babies,

I swear that every time I promise to write more, I end up writing less. Just call me mom of the year.

So since we last spoke, we’ve had an amazing vacation and March break. Both were pretty fabulous.

I’ll start with the trip because we may as well catch up chronologically. So your dad and I decided to take you both to an all-inclusive in Jamaica. We’re both not all-inclusive type people (meaning, we prefer travel and adventure to unlimited pina coladas) but we figured that travelling with 2 little ones was stressful enough and having someone take care of meals, cleaning and entertainment would be a welcome treat.

It was. Big time.

I can honestly say I haven’t been so blissed out since pre-kids as I was on this vacation. We spent every single day in pure vacation mode which meant ice cream for snacks, naps when we felt tired, sun soaked floats in the ocean and yes, many pina coladas.

There were no strict schedules, we never had to be anywhere, we had no one to answer to or meet with and we basically did whatever the fuck we wanted. That alone was a super treat. You don’t know how busy you are until you take some time to chill out.

The resort itself was a total dream. The food was great, the service was great and they had a wicked water park that was a toddler’s dream come true. We spent mornings on a cabana by the ocean and afternoons lounging by the water park. You kids were so fun and spent hours in the water with us.

We had minimal tantrums and maximum enjoyment. Plus, every single thing I had stressed about pre-trip ended up being a non issue.

I was worried we wouldn’t pack enough- that was a joke (more on that later), I was worried about you guys sharing a room – it was super easy, I was worried about ruining your nap schedules – nope, sleep schedules – nope, I was worried about actually having fun – never wanted to leave. I was worried you wouldn’t want to swim – couldn’t get you guys out of the water.

So glad I stressed about nothing. As usual.

So now I basically want to move to an island and live by the water in a forever vacation. So ya, it was a good week.

More to come.



Let’s catch up?

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