Better with you, faster without you

May 11, 2018

Dear Babies,

Fridays are this weird day where previously, we all had stuff to do so baby had a playdate/class with nanny, you were with grandmother and I was FREEEEEEEEEE with no guilt to do whatever. Things have changed and schedules have changed and life has changed and Fridays have become a day where basically no one has anything to do. This has resulted in you wanting to join me as I try and do the usual Friday things that I do so you’ve been coming along to a variety of uninteresting places such as Walmart, Costco, Loblaws and the mall.

The issue with your joining me is that each step of every simple task takes at least double the amount of time so a simple quick grocery buying trip becomes a 2 hour affair complete with a visit to the public bathroom, some kind of crying fit over something inane, buying lots of shit I don’t need etc..

So this week, I took a stand and I left you at home (with our nanny) and ran my mofo errands alone. I got so much done in the fastest time imaginable and ticked almost every errand off my list vs. the usual getting one minor thing done that I’ve grown accustomed to.

BUT. Wow, did I miss you.

Was it worth getting so much shit done that I actually have time to be in bed right now writing a casual blog post? Kind of? But also, no.

The truth is that as you get older and older your time with me becomes more and more precious and I know the day will come when running errands with your mom won’t be what you want to do. Now, you actually wake up on Fridays excited about errand day but that will be a short lived phenom and one that I don’t want to miss.

Plus, talking to myself in public is not as endearing as chatting it up with my toddler partner in crime.

So here’s a day where the lesson is for me and it’s to stop and smell those roses and slow the fuck down. Sure, there are days where a million things just have to get done – that’s going to happen here and there no matter what but on any other day, I’m slowing things down and taking you for the ride. I’d rather dawdle in Walmart for 2 hours longer than necessary than miss spending time together. Nothing is a rush, I’m not saving any lives by grocery shopping faster and more efficiently and point in check; went to Loblaws alone today and still forgot the cheese and cilantro for my quesadillas.

Please don’t ever stop wanting to hang out with me.




Better with you, faster without you

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