May 1, 2018

Dear Babies,

This month began with a bang – and by bang I mean, plop because Baby, you decided with fierce resolve that it was time to stop wearing diapers and it’s been all potty talk in our house ever since.

Funny enough, the plan was to give you a gentle potty experience over the weekend where we had intended to let you run around bare assed and just figure out the how and when of bathroom-ing but you went ahead and made that plan moot.

And we’ve been on a roll! We’ve gone to classes, school and beyond in your little underwear and you’ve been amazing. You’ve been vocal about using the bathroom and so good about adapting to different bathroom situations.

But the best thing about the bathroom adventures are how incredibly proud you are of yourself. Each time you have a success, you beam and run to share the news of your achievement. I am watching you feel confident and assured and happy and it’s totally beautiful.

I know that soon enough you won’t remember doing anything but sitting on a toilet and a day when no one will congratulate you for taking a shit (because I can tell you from personal experience, people just think it’s weird if you tell them about your poo as an adult) so I’m savouring this milestone while it lasts.

And isn’t it just so typically you to just wake up one morning ready to go. I keep forgetting how independent you are and how much you thrive when you are allowed to call the shots. When I leave these big things in your tiny bit capable hands, you always shine. It’s a great reminder to trust you more and let you take control of these parts of your own life.

So the lesson is mine today – because I’m not always the teacher, you guys constantly take that role as I grow in parenthood.

In the meantime, how much do I love your little bum in pants now without that bulky diaper??

a lot.




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