March 19, 2018

Dear Babies,

So I wanted to tell you about packing for a vacation in the hopes that it will at the very least, help me next time I’m wondering what to pack and googling and then packing way too much of crap we didn’t need and not enough of anything we did.

So first of all: diapers. Ok, this is a very time specific item as by next trip one of you will for sure be out of diapers but for now I had 2 diaper wearers. What the fuck. They take up so much damn room. We managed to properly calculate the amount of diapers we would need for day to day but then failed with swim diapers.

Swim diapers. I hate you.

So I went and bought these awesome seeming reusable swim diapers which freaked out your dad because he was all like, I don’t want to wash those out. Which was fair because both of you took your fair share of aqua dumps. But anyways, because of the reusable ones, I didn’t pack enough swim diapers. For a package of 11 new swim diapers our hotel charged us 50 American dollars. What the actual fuck.

Lesson: being enough of your own damn diapers. Same goes for any necessity including; sanitary products, sunscreen and medicine.

In the clothing department I would say that I underestimated the night time attire we would need. I packed each kid 3 bathing suits but not enough clothing to eat dinner in. Nights weren’t fancy or fussy but for the baby specifically, dinner attire was lacking and covered in stains.

Lesson: think thoughtfully about your clothing needs. Overpacking is stupid but only having one top for night time is too.

I honestly must have packed every damn toiletry I own. Like why did I think I was going to have time or desire to perform a 20 minute clay reinvigorating face treatment on my vacation? Truth: I barely wanted to wash my face. I love the way ocean air makes skin feel and the natural vitamins from the sun and sea were a welcome relief from my cupboard of serums that had no business in my luggage.

Lesson: less is more and high maintenance is fucking annoying.

Finally, stuff. I packed toys and book and all sorts of shit for you guys to play with and we used a grand total of none of it. Maybe that’s just the kids you are but honestly, how can a toy compete with running around and enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of a vacation.

Lesson: if you learn how to have fun without toys and screens, you can really appreciate the value and beauty of a travel experience.

Overall, my new motto is less and more is better. I’m sure this will totally help ease my packing stress next time around… right?




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