Be mine

February 14, 2018

Dear Babies,

Happy Valentines Day to you both. On a day celebrating love, its fitting that I tell you how much I love you both and how much you fill my heart with joy. There is no way you will ever understand how much love I have for you but my hope is that the feeling is mutual and that I have a million more years to tell you all about it. Ug, mom, you’re so lame. Totally. I am. Get over it.

Our little baby has the biggest eyes in the world and they sparkle every time you look at her. She is happy, joyful and easily amused. She loves to be engaged and touched and when you hold her, she cuddles.

Our big baby has the bluest eyes in the world. They look like sweet tranquil seas. She is thoughtful, sensitive and hilarious. I laugh out loud multiple times a day with her. Genuinely. She loves to hear stories and when you aren’t looking, she is memorizing them.

Both my girls display kindness, love and affection to one another and to us every single day and we are GRATEFUL.

And I’m to holier than thou. My house is a fucking mess 100% of the time. I have help to clean and watch my kids. My car is a total disaster and filled with at least 4 pairs of shoe per kid and I currently have oatmeal from breakfast (it’s 2pm) attached to my sweater. Yesterday I didn’t brush my teeth until 3pm. I’m drinking cold coffee cup #3 and I’m dreading nap time ending because I am tired and I want to close my eyes for like, a day or 7 before resuming mom-ing.

This doesn’t negate how fucking grateful I am or how much I love you. Love is everything. It’s good and bad and fun and boring and exciting and dull and sweet and sour. So to all the moms out there who today, and every day love their kids so fucking fiercely it hurts, happy Valentines Day.

To my kids who made me a mom and allowed me the forum to even feel this crazy stuff, Happy Valentine’s Day.

It may be a Hallmark holiday but any day that celebrates our love for one another is a great one in my books.



PS. I obviously love your dad, my ultimate Valentine but this post was made to not gross you out and celebrate you. If you want to hear me gust about your dad, give me like, 800 hours and I can let you have it.


Be mine

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