Summer time (and the living’s easy)

May 28, 2018

Dear Babies,

Summer is officially here and even though it seems like just yesterday I was dressing you in your snow gear, these days we are all sunblock all the time. Which is worse? Who’s to say? I mean, obviously winter weather is worse but my couch is covered in a film of sunscreen and my hair somehow has the very same film in it so…

I mean, I still haven’t packed away your puffy jackets but we spent the weekend in splash pads galore and it showed me something very interesting about you. I’ll start with your poor baby sister who never gets mentioned enough for how amazing of a baby she is. She hung out with friends, ate everything she could get her tiny little hands on and basked away in the shade of a tree. She is truly delicious in the summer time and the smell of sunny baby is unbeatable.

Sure, we might have had a tiny sunburn from forgetting to apply sunscreen the first day out but such is life as seasoned parents. We forget shit now all the time.

In the meantime, about 65000000 temper tantrums were had at the mention of a splash pad. Last summer at some point you were in a splash pad when the water was not spraying and got caught directly in a spray as it went back on. Freaked you out at the time but the rest of the summer was just fine and filled with splashing. Fast forward to now when suddenly that one moment in time is a traumatic life event that we had to discuss a bajillion times over. You were sufficiently reassured enough to leave the house with us, so that was a good step.

But in true you fashion, you got there and ran through that splash pad like you had never been scared of it before. It took a tiny bit of coaxing and hand holding but by the end, the tantrums were only to stay – because if you leave an activity without your toddler freaking out, was it even fun?

But your bravery and willingness to try again were the things that stuck out to me in this experience. You were scared but still tried. You “failed” in a previous attempt at something but tried it again. Here’s a little secret, kid: most adult don’t have that kind of perseverance or bravery. Often your mom included. So kudos to you.

Daring, trying, overcoming, facing and challenging yourself and your fears will take you to some pretty amazing places. Will you get caught in a splash pad spray here and there? Sure, but you will also enjoy the feeling of freezing cold water running down your face in 30 degree temperatures (or the reasonable equivalent).

Don’t be scared of things that scare you and continue to dance in the sprinkling water any time you can.



Summer time (and the living’s easy)

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