The terribly, horribly, no-good, very bad weekend

February 12, 2018

Dear Babies,

When the weekend begins with your dad getting into a car accident twice in one day, it’s not going to go well. Friday was an awful day (weather wise) and a truck smashed your dad’s car (thankfully, he was fine). He spent the day dealing with the aftermath of the accident (which was a whole fucking nuisance in itself) and didn’t make it home until after bedtime making it the third time this week I did a solo bedtime. Not going to lie, I’m the new bedtime master over here. 2 kids? No problem. We cancelled our trip up north to deal with the car and resigned ourselves to a shit weekend.

We missed Friday swim class as a result and the weather prevented our expected visitors so it was a long day of playing at home together. THANK GAWD FOR KID IMAGINATION. Oh, and crafts.

Saturday was hardly an improvement. Bad weather and kids recovering from a cold meant a nearby indoor activity. Hello, Yorkdale. We go to the mall any time we need open space for you to run around and we need to be indoors. There is literally zero shopping done – we rarely even go into stores, you just run through the mall free as a bird and we often stay for lunch. Sometimes we visit Nordstrom for a balloon, sometimes we get a smoothie and we always spend at least 5-10 minutes riding up and down an escalator somewhere. I never thought I’d be that mall parent but it’s so much less stressful than an indoor playground on a shitty day.

By the afternoon, weather was crazy again and we again, stayed home and hung out.

That night, our dog got sick and had to be taken to the emergency dog hospital (bladder infection – because, of course). Sunday aside from a grocery trip, we didn’t leave the house. We stayed in pyjamas (including the grocery trip) and played. We built forts, baked energy balls and hung out. On paper, it was the worst weekend we’ve had in a long time.


Sometimes, just spending time together is enough to turn it around. We are often so busy on weekends with friends and family that we miss hours of our own family togetherness. So when your dad and I lay down after putting you guys to bed on Sunday and reflected, the shitty weekend actually looked pretty good to us. We got to laugh with our kids, spend time enjoying cuddles and games and your dad even found time to organize our pantry.

Babies, it’s all about perspective and just because something seems to be less fun than what you anticipate or are used to, doesn’t mean it will be. We made the best of a crap situation and came out pretty relaxed all things considered.

In the meantime, this optimism does not negate the major Monday blues.



The terribly, horribly, no-good, very bad weekend

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