To my Younger Baby

September 6, 2017

Dear Baby,

While today marks a weird day for your sister as she goes to school for the first time, it also marks a really exciting day for you and I as we begin a year of actually spending time together.

People say a lot of things about a second child but one of the most profound things I can say is that I really never have the time and space to know you. Every minute that we are all together, our attention is taken by your sister. It’s hard to focus on the details of your cry when your sister is running towards traffic on a busy street. Hard to study your face when we are trying to prevent her from gouging your eyeballs out (lovingly, I think.)

For better and worse, she takes a lot of our attention so with her leaving us for 4 mornings per week we actually will be spending chunks of quality alone together for the first time ever. This makes the transition I am experiencing with her a lot easier because I am really excited to get to know you better.

I want to be able to tell exactly what you are thinking by a small sample of your cry. I want to immerse myself in getting to know the details of you and spending the time doing silly baby things like playing with a rattle or tummy time (the long forgotten tummy time… whoops). I want to go for walks together and inhale your little baby smell. I want to be so connected that you are instantly calmed in my arms. I want to repeat the same wonderful classes and experiences I had with your sister because you are so fucking sweet and you and I deserve the chance to really hang out and be together.

So today also marks the real start of our journey together as we spend the year nurturing you and fostering your growth and personality. I can’t wait to see what unfolds…



To my Younger Baby

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