Because kids are gross

March 8, 2017

Dear Baby,

Right now as I type this you have just woken up from a nap and are sitting in your crib upstairs playing with your dolls. I’m going to go ahead and leave you there for a few minutes so I can take a much needed personal moment after what has been a pretty long week.

On the non-complaining side, I’m super busy with work. When it rains, it pours and so my usual downtime (aka your nap time) has been filled to the fucking brim with deadlines. It’s great. On the complaining side, you have been sick so the usual flow of the week has been disrupted. Sick means shorter naps, broken sleep, snot everywhere and no going to programs. That means that your personal clown (me) has been on for 4 days working to entertain you while you wait out this cold.

I will say this for you- the older you get the harder it gets to make you happy. In hindsight, it’s pretty silly to think about complaining about a baby in the sense of keeping them busy. Like, they can just lay on a mat for an hour and voila, an hour has been spent. Today, for example, we have done the following activities while in confinement (and still had a few moments of WTF, mind you):

Coloured, did stickers, looked at animals in a book, read some books, changed your diaper a bunch of times, went up to explore your room, hung out in my room, got dressed, took the dog for a walk, went for another walk to the drugstore, went for another walk to the health food store, played with your tent, played with your tunnel, drew with chalk, chased you around the kitchen island, went to the basement to look at toys, played with the bosu ball, played with your picnic set, played with your penguin counting toy, went outside to play on the slide, had a snack, had lunch, played on the couch, sang every song we know, had a dance party, played with a pillow fort, cleaned up from lunch and played with your musical truck.

You were still bored as fuck for periods of time and I was still totally beat from being on for so many things.

Being sick and not yet being into TV fucking sucks and I totally understand why parents succumb to Peppa before they want to.

Anyways, there is a strong case here for the need of programs during the day to help with mental sanity- or even just nicer weather because a park would have been a fine substitute.

That is all. I’ll come get you now.




Because kids are gross

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