Culture, it’s a thing we do

February 28, 2017

Dear Baby,

This week has been full of arts and culture for you. Ok, fine. It’s been a lot of running around in spaces that have arts and culture. Ok, fine. We literally don’t even look at art or embrace the culture but still- if you are in a room with art, you must absorb some of it… somehow… right?

This weekend, despite you waking up in a foul mood, we took you to an art show downtown. We took you there last year and my oh my, what a year does. Last year you wore a big bow in your hair and we fought over who would get to hold you while we took our leisurely time walking around, checking out art and receiving lovely comments from passersby who were in awe of your cuteness. This year you barely let us dress you, pulled out whatever was in your hair, we fought to keep you seated in the stroller for 5 seconds so we could attempt to enjoy some art (didn’t happen) and mainly ran after you while you elbowed your way through the crowds of people. Thankfully, you are still cute enough to get away with it.

The bad news was you were a total snake when we tried to wrangle you up. Like a screaming, crying, hitting snake. So it was… well, fun- ish.

We didn’t leave discouraged, per say, but we did leave wondering aloud if it was these kind of events that would drive us to be parents who only take our kids to kid-friendly things- which, to be honest sounds so shitty. Like, play lands and kid gyms and all that stuff can be really fun. There’s nothing not to love about a giant space that has tons of padded stairs and stuff for kids to climb on and run around in BUT the idea of being relegated to said activities is pretty much awful. I want to reserve the right to go to art shows with you just as much as play lands. But after Saturday, was that wishful thinking?

So today when we had plans to go to the AGO, I was skeptical. Was I better off taking you to a gym? A class? Music? Would we have any fun at this gallery?

It turns out that Saturday was just a day and the exception to the rule that you are usually an awesome kid who I can take anywhere. Today you were sweet, curious and fun. You loved running around in the big spaces but you also occasionally stopped to actually look around at big paintings and installations that caught your interest. I can’t suppose that you will stand and mull over the consequences of using black vs. navy in a painting so this was pretty damn good for me.

Bonus: I saw a few things too and we didn’t spend any time in the kids section (although I’m sure it would actually be great.)

Double bonus: you could have fallen asleep standing up from the amount of running you did. Naptime was a breeze- huzzah!

The truth is twofold on the issue of taking you to “adult” things:

  1. I firmly believe in making you a part of my life in a fun way. I’m never going to make you sit and watch me draft a B2B copy deck but I DO want you to come with me/ us to things that are interesting- like, art galleries. There is so much to be seen in this big world that you live in and I want it to be more than colourful balls at a kidnasium.
  2. I still firmly believe in having “free” time. I don’t think you require a fucking program every damn day to be a happy, smart and thriving kid but I do know you need some stimulation so if we can find a way to merge cool shit with you getting what you need, I am ALL for it.

I also realize that people take their kids to the AGO all the time- this is more a point on taking you to things that are not directly geared towards entertaining you.

Anyways, I hope that you always enjoy spending time letting your mind soar and imagination wander and are not one of those people who needs a scheduled activity every second of every day to feel good. It’s so good to get out and explore and use our awesome city as the backdrop to your activities. Even if you are just running around a room filled with beautiful art (or chasing a kid around the same room), it is a great alternative to spending the day in a germ ball pit.



Culture, it’s a thing we do

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