February 20, 2017

Dear Baby,

I have this app on my phone called “Timehop” wherein you get to view any photos that were taken on the same day x-many years ago. Sure, it’s sometimes amusing to see my old slut-halloween costume pics or weird posts that I once made on other people’s Facebook walls but what I really love it for is to see what you were doing aa year ago today.

Well, today you were eating for the very first time ever. Your tiny little body was seated in your little booster chair- which you would now look gargantuan in- and you had on this tiny pink and white bib and a look of uncertainty.

We were SO excited to feed you. Mainly because it would be a good change from the regular day to day and also we were dying to see how you took to food. Baby, I wonder if it will come as a shock to you that you loved food from the first bite. Do you still? I hope so.

I unfortunately come from a world of dieting- myself and my peers talk about it, live it and do it and it is all pretty gross. I have a range of people in my life that live on restrictive diets (sometimes they call them “lifestyles”) and fad diets and all sorts of weird shit with food.

We know of a person who goes on “fast and feast” diets, one who never eats anything with oil and one who won’t touch carbs. I can’t even deal with that shit. If you never eat french fries, I just don’t like you.

Don’t get me wrong. I have shit with food too but if anything, my pregnancy with you and now this baby has really reinforced the notion of just eating what you want, staying reasonably healthy and not driving yourself crazy about it. Being pregnant, you just can’t diet- you can’t. it is harmful to the baby and harmful to you and just kind of fucked up so you are forced to listen to what your body needs and feed it when it asks you to.

Plus, the most important thing that food can do for you is really nourish- not just your baby (if pregnant) but your body and your mind. It is literally impossible to have nice skin or normalized thoughts when you are fucking starving or depriving yourself of essentials. Fat does not beget fat and an avocado a day can do fucking wonders for your state of mind and state of face.

Anyways, my point with all of this is that I really really really really really hope that you maintain a healthy and balanced relationship with food. It will help you grow big and strong and I can promise you these Ā things:

  1. No one EVER looks at girls who are too skinny and thinks they look good
  2. NO ONE’s body looks good after age 35- even if you are skinny so take care of your skin- it is the only thing you can keep looking young and fresh when your abs start to sag and look gross- and FAT helps with that…
  3. No brain can optimally function without some good fats and well balanced diet
  4. No one wants to hang out with someone on a constant diet- it’s lame
  5. No one ever died wishing that they didn’t enjoy food- like, no one ever

On that note, I snack.




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