16 months: a belated roundup

January 30, 2017

Dear Baby,

I’m really on the ball these days so no surprise that I forgot your 16 month old blog post. Right? This feels like that time you start dating someone and you celebrate like, your 4 month anniversary except obviously more important. But still. Is it overkill? Maybe. 

So at 16 months I can safely say that you are fucking great. The way you have become and continue to become a real person is the best. We laugh so much together and I finally feel like when I speak to you in public we are actually speaking and not just me talking to a sitting blob of deliciousness. 

Today, a few days past your anniversary day you are in the bath with a tiny cold and I am sitting here waiting to put you to bed. You dad is giving you a bath, by the way. We don’t just let you chill in tubs of water alone. Not those kind of parents. Sorry. 

No one ever really takes pictures of room (unless they are ultra fancy magazine rooms which this isn’t) but your room is one of my favourite places in the world. One day we will either have redone it or moved and you won’t remember this room but you should know it is awesome. 

Here’s the overview. You have this amazing worked in wood floor with patches of discolouration that are charming to an old house. Your walls are white and the carpet is rose, blush and pale burnt orange Persian rug style but with animals on it. We got it at an antique market and it is one of my favourite things ever. Your furniture is white and your comfy chair where we it is pale grey. The art on your walls is currently one baby deer photograph and soon to be a cool animal print of different species that live in Canada and a paddle that we hope to engrave your name on. Your lights have bears and deer and you have tons of books on shelves. 

The best parts of your room though are the intangibles. The feeling of a room that is lovingly humidified every night. The way the sun sets through the window and the smell which is mostly you and a tiny bit of poo- which is also kind of you- coming from your diaper genie. 

You sleep with a stuffed koala, a giant stuffed sloth, a stuffed bear, an elephant lovey that is falling apart and most recently a stuffed Dracula. Sometimes a bunny too. Your nightlight is always on and you have recently learned that if you push a button, you can get stars to shine from it. Today we spent 20 minutes looking at said stars. Nightlight for the win. 

Beside your chair is a stack of you regular favourite books including; Night Night, Sometimes I Like to Curl Up In A Ball, Toot, Pyjama Time and Belly Button Book, as of late. Your also into Each Peach Oear Plum, Garbage Delight, The Boy Who Caught a Star and Hugs. 

At night you like to say goodnight to an owl toy that hangs on your doorhook, the giant stuffed giraffe that wears a Mickey Mouse hat and a tutu that lives in your room and a picture on your shelf of you holding a bunny. 

Anyways, I have nothing to teach today but when I think back to my own childhood room I can only remember bits and pieces so I hope this helps you remember a bit more. It’s the best room we have ever put together. Mainly because of its occupant. 

Love you. 



16 months: a belated roundup

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