Later, 2016

December 31, 2016
Dear Baby,
Your dad and I are getting ready to have some friend over for New Years Eve dinner and it is only fitting that we spend a moment reflecting on a year gone by. People are really hating on 2016- and with good reason. Lots of important famous people dies, there has been a lot of world tragedies, Trump- but I have to say that for our little family, 2016 has been alright. Last New Year you were just a little nugget who delighted us if you smiled or cooed or lifted your head or napped for a normal amount of time not on me. We spent our New Years getting ready to take you on your first trip down to Florida- we left bright and super early the morning of the 1st.

In the year since, you have grown, thrived and turned one. You have become a walking, talking little peanut and life with you has been good. Work has been good, friend have been good. We lost your great grandfather Papa Paul which was a hard part of the year but we also had a lot of wonderful family times spent together. We even got to meet family in Israel.
It was a year that was for us, at the very least, worth reflecting over and appreciating.
On a typical New Year, people tend to make these very grandiose resolutions. And you kind of can’t help yourself. Like you are compelled by some unknown force to define the upcoming year with big expectations and predictions. Even if you don’t say them out loud, you secretly promise that THIS will be the year to ——.
Resolutions are pretty stupid- mostly because no one sticks to them ever but I think having some goals and ambitions for your life in a year segment is totally ok and even worthwhile so with that… here are mine- you can let me know how I did in 2018.

1. Figure out a skincare (and eyebrow) routine- I have literally been working on a proper skin care regimen for the whole year. This is the one downside to having nice skin for your whole life- you never really have to take care of it and then when the natural signs of aging start appearing and you want to begin taking a bit more care, it is fucking impossible to figure out. There are so many damn products out there. WTF I also had my eyebrows done improperly recently and I realized how bad they looked when they are not taken care of so no more of that.

2. In the same general theme- get rid of all the toxic/ chemical shit that I currently use on my face/hair/body. I have started to become really interested in ingredients and specifically the ones I put on my fucking skin that absorb into my body. It’s a slippery slope but suffice to say that certain products and chemicals- no matter what they do for you- are horrifying and super gross. I’m sure its’s pretty impossible to be 100% natural but I am certainly making the move to being 100% conscious and as close to natural as I can be- same goes for you, kiddo.

3. Find and commit to a coffee shop/workspace. I am a freelance whore. I work anywhere and I have no allegiances. I want to work even more and harder in 2017 so one of the ways I plan to do this is to find a dedicate work space (or 2- for variety) to really hunker down and get some good shit done.

4. Ug, I hate to write this one because it makes me feel so trite but I really want to at least start my book in 2017. I hope that when you read this it is a best seller or feel free to never mention it again.

5. Learn more cooking. I have a meatloaf and meatballs under my belt but 2017 calls for more mom meals so that you don’t grow up and say that I never cooked for you. Sure, I made the most delicious carrot cake that has ever been baked in life- but no one is revered for a carrot cake… or are they?

 Stop obsessively online shopping where I put a zillion things in a shopping cart and never buy them- haha. kidding- weird shopping for life!
Ok, that seems like a lot but we have 365 days to get it done.
Oh and as for you, your resolution should be to keep being the amazing, awesome, perfect little lady that you are.

Later, 2016

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