By the way…

December 31, 2016
Dear Baby,
Before we head in to 2017, there is something I want to share with you. I am pregnant and all gong well, your baby sibling will be joining our family in late June. 
It’s really fucking crazy to tell you this because in every single way, YOU are my baby and I have a lot of mixed emotions as to how you (and probably/ more likely how I) will handle this all. 
The truth: I can’t possibly imagine loving anything else in the entire world as much as I love you.
I know everyone swears that once you have your second, you will open your heart and love double- and I know that this is true, I know it. But I can’t believe it.

So, there you go. 
Sorry we haven’t told you- although in fairness we have, you just don’t seem to quite understand yet.
Ok, now ready for 2017.

By the way…

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