January 1, 2017

Dear Baby,

New Years was a success. The tone of my voice typing this is slightly proud and surprised since I was certain that we would be crashed and finished by 10:30. We not only made it to midnight but did so without much of a try. It’s like we looked down and poof, if was midnight.

And so, we ushered in another year.

Going to be honest here: having a kid- and then especially having a kid who is sick makes the passage of a year seem like just another day. Yes, yes, New Years Eve IS just another day and just another night but in the past there has been something really special about celebrating it. Maybe it’s that we have had some really epic celebrations- contrary to what I’m sure you think, we are really fun people- or maybe it’s that this particular break sucked ass balls because we were all sick but either way, NYE was pretty anticlimactic.

But the change in our mentality means a change in everything and so while a night like New Years is pretty whatever, a day like your birthday is the highlight of my fucking year. A day where we take you somewhere new to see something cool is the best thing I can imagine and all these little days make the entire year worth celebrating- not just one night.

Because the truth: 2016 (and half of 2015) and beyond are all about you. It’s no longer about my outfit, our plans, getting saucy or going out. It is all about you and our little family. It means that when you are sick, we stay home and have a really nice dinner with friends and I wear sweatpants and stay sober (which has a lot more to do with being pregnant than you being sick but nonetheless…)

And you know what? Never have I had a better year than spending it with you as the main focus which is maybe why 2017’s coming is sort of an uneventful event- because to me it is just a continuation of what I have been doing in 2016- loving you like crazy, putting you (and our family) first and celebrating all the little moments that we get every single day.

Happy New Year, Baby.




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