The Holidays Begin (early)

December 10, 2016

Dear Baby,

Another weekend come and gone. Your dad is upstairs putting you to sleep and I am here reflecting. Saturday you slept in (yay) and we had a lazy morning around the house. I have to say that of your many many many amazing qualities, your ability to be entertained by basically nothing is one of them. I feel like you must have a great imagination. 

You were so content to just hang out, read books and be sweet and from what I hear, a lot of kids need a lot more activities to keep them busy. I seriously hope that you are always happy to be entertained at home by just family and friends and a good book. Enjoying quality down time is a great thing to master. 

We went to my parents in the afternoon to drop you off for your sleepover. From the play by play I received the next day, things went south after we left you and you had a tough time going to bed. I know that everyone does their best with you and something I have to always practice is letting go and allowing other people to have their own individual relationships with you. 

It’s hard to give you that freedom. 

In the meantime, your dad and I went out, he proceeded to get pretty sloppy and it may have been a rough night if you were home with us since your dad has no mute button (nor a quiet one.)

We came to get you today and stayed for a very early Chanukah party. I love watching you engage people and how much you love to be around new faces. You were a fucking delight in your little tutu. 

And with an afternoon spent reading books and playing in your tent and with some new toys, our weekend is over. 

I want to just say again how really special it is that you can just be. I hope that you are always as happy with your own company as you are now. I have spent years trying to hone the skill of being content doing nothing and it is a great skill to have. To enjoy your imagination and thoughts, to enjoy music and listening, to enjoy reading and learning. All of these things will be a great offset to your obvious love of socializing and people. A fine balance of busy and calm. 

Just like our weekend. 



The Holidays Begin (early)

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