One Change

December 9, 2016

Dear Baby,

Ok. To start. One thing must change. I simply cannot abide by having the word “one” in all your blog post titles. It is sucking the inspiration to write out of me and I think it lost its cute after baby. Can we agree to ditch this? Ok, great. 

Moving on. 

This week began a bit rocky. Tuesday you woke up and for lack of a better word were a total bitch. You were mean and whiny and violent. It was unlike you. Of course I assume teeth (fucking teeth) and couldn’t get to the Internet fast enough to google “how to properly and gently help your baby understand that hitting is not ok.” 

I am all for gentle guided discipline and I am going to try my very best but reasoning with you (gently) while you stab me in the eye is basically a study in how to make someone insane. 

Thankfully, this bananas day was just a day and by Wednesday morning you were your usual happy self again. 

We ended the week with a trip to the ROM and I must say that taking you out now that you can walk is so much fun. You were all over the museum in your clunky little converse. Your walking has significantly improved in just a few weeks. You went from zombie walking, shoulders up and stumbling to basically cat walking with a sashay in your step- that’s not quite true but you are way more confiendent and relaxed now so it looks way more graceful. 

Walking is also awesome because- spoiler alert: you are fucking heavy to carry around and were not thrilled about checking out animals and biodiversity from your stroller. 

Walking is also super awesome because you are literally falling on your face exhausted from your walking workout by the end of our time out. Putting you down for a nap is as easy as can be (poo poo poo) and you sleep long and hard to recoup from your energy well spent. 

And now we are here and it is Friday. Fri- yay!! 

I don’t have any wisdom to impart on you tonight except that I hope you always have this curious and excited spirit. Watching you enjoy the museum was the highlight of my week and if you promise to always love to learn I promise to show and teach you everything I can. 



One Change

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