Can we have one more day every weekend please?

December 4, 2016

Dear Baby,

The weekend is coming to a close now and frankly, I’m not ready. I live for time we spend together as a family without any programs or schedules in our way of doing whatever the fuck we want to. 

This is a kind of funny thing for me to say because we spend a lot of time together. Far more than most mom’s and babes I know. We are together full days at least twice a week and every single afternoon. I am not lacking in quality you time. But the thing is that you are so damn delicious that even that is not enough. Plus, we don’t get your dad during the week and he is the missing piece to our puzzle of awesome. 

This weekend we spent a lazy Saturday morning in bed together, went for dim sum with a bunch of friends (yours and ours), went to a friend’s house and checked out and awesome Christmas tree, hung out with your cousin, hung out with your grandparents and just relaxed. It was perfect. 

Now you are in bed (albeit very reluctantly) and I’m so sad that tomorrow is Monday again. 

Your dad and I watched this movie over the weekend called “This is 40” about a couple who are turning 40 and their life. They have this daughter who has just hit puberty and just can’t quite manage her emotions (a feeling I know and you will know too.) We had a good laugh (slash I haven’t stopped crying about it) because one day that will be you slamming your door, not wanting us around and possibly telling us to fuck ourselves (although I would prefer if that never happened) and these wonderful weekends will be memories. 

And this just reinforces how much we want to keep our weekends free and family focused. You will have a zillion years to take classes or busy yourself on a Saturday but for now and while we can, we want to spend the time together having fun and exploring this world you live in. 

And if I can leave you with anything today- please please please still hang out with us sometimes when you are older and too cool. I promise we are always just as fun as we are to you here and now and that we will always be happy to spend a day making you smile. 

K. Going to go continue bawling my eyes out now. 



Can we have one more day every weekend please?

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