And then you were one

September 18, 2016

Dear Baby,

One year ago today you lay in my arms and I thought “what the fuck do I do now?” You were a tiny fragile alien and I was a scared new mom. Today we woke up to a bright eyed girl who clapped (and then cried) as we sang her Happy Birthday. 

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, you went from alien to human and from baby to a beautiful little one year old girl. 

We celebrated the day with our family at Chudleigh’s apple farm and I have to say that it is too bad you won’t remember this day. It was amazing. We took a tractor ride, picked apples, pet farm animals and ate hot dogs in a barn. We sang to you again and watched as you ate your first piece of cake. 

Now we can say this for sure: apples and corn are a fan favourite for you. Never has a little girl been so enthusiastic about an apple as you were. Apple was swiftly forgotten when you met corn. You were truly meant to be a fall baby to enjoy the fresh taste of Ontario’s finest. 

You actually pet a farm animal- which was nuts because last farm we went to you lost your mind (in a bad way) when we merely approached a horse. This time you pet a cow. I credit all the books I have been reading you about cows. (Side note: weird that there are so many books about cows.)

You smiled all day despite being hot and tired and even though you can’t speak I’m sure you were saying “my mom is the fuckin best party planner and overall human being” with your eyes. Or you were pooping. Same same. 

And of course,  the perfect moment was presenting you with cake. You touched it tentatively at first. What is this giant slab of color?? You took the tiniest morsel into your mouth and likely had a taste explosion. It took you 10 seconds to literally shovel the rest of the cake into your mouth. 

I’m not a proponent of too much sugar but Let’s just say that your heightened state made the car ride home a breeze. We were worried that you would fall asleep- sugar to the rescue. 

We ended the day here at home and at the park. You spent the whole day smiling and while I can’t be sure that you had the best day of your life, it really seemed like it. 

And the truth? Your dad and I had the best day. There is nothing that makes us happier than celebrating you and watching you enjoy yourself. It’s better than cake. Trust me. 

Tomorrow we go back to normal life but today we revel in the wonder that is you, Baby. 

Thank you for being you. One year ago you made us parents and changed shit up forever. Can’t think of a better thing to celebrate than that. 

Happy birthday, Baby!



And then you were one

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