One night away

September 24, 2016

Dear Baby,

A week after you turned one I was booked to leave for Muskoka for a night away with some friends. This would be the second time leaving you alone at home for the night with you dad. 

Last time I went it was kind of surreal. It went by in a bit of a blur. This time it was way more slow paced and I could really appreciate how nice it was to relax. Maybe it was being with my crew of moms whose babes have all grown up with you, maybe it was the wine we cracked open at 11am, maybe it was just being in gorgeous landscape. Whatever it was, it was good. 

There’s something really special about finding these people with whom to share your most profound experiences. Having “mom friends”- who are actually just friends, is a fucking blessing. You don’t have to explain yourself. You don’t have to tamper what you say. You can drift in conversation from diapers to divorce without missing a beat and when you feel both delighted to have zero responsibility, sad to miss an afternoon with your babe and guilty about both- it’s all understood. 

I guess the thing about surrounding yourself with people who you just get is that you will be gotten. 

It’s one of the coolest things about growing up- meeting people, remeeting people, always knowing the same people. The evolution of friendships and the way the change and grow with you. 

So find some great people and then go away a bunch with them. Leave your responsibilities to someone capable and relax. Rest. Laugh. Stargaze. Enjoy. 

But just like the weekend, no matter where you or I go, I’ll always miss you and be happiest to be back at home kissing your snakey little face. 



One night away

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