Happy Birthday Baby Daddy

August 23, 2016

Dear Baby,

Today is your dad’s birthday! He is turning the ripe old age of 34 which seems super old and crazy since I am also 34 but usually feel like I am mid 20’s at most. 

Anyways, in celebration of his big day I want to tell you what an awesome dad your dad is. Lately there has been a lot going on with our extended family and you dad showed me yet another reason why I am so lucky to be sharing this whole life journey with him. 

Your dad is a doer. By this I mean that not only does he get shit done but he thrives in doing shit. Where I would always default to laziness and procrastination, he just gets shit done. 

I’ve always been a bit annoyed by this trait of his because it’s like, can you chill the fuck out? But recently I see it in a new light. 

The truth is that it makes your dad happy to do things for other people. Genuinely. 

People have all these weird things that make them happy for reasons that will never understand. This is your dads “thing.” He enjoys doing for others and prefers to be helpful than to receive help. I think it’s super weird but that’s not the point. 

The point is, Baby to honour what makes you you. Your dad is a great example of someone who is often true to themselves and does what he needs to do to make himself happy (even though in a convoluted way that means doing stuff for others.)

Your dad’s gift of selflessness should be a reminder to you to be authentic and respect the quirks you have. 

Yes, I often want your dad to just sit down and put his feet up and CHILL but I also admire his gumption and ability to be selfless without resentment and to just get shit done. 

So you be you. And be nice to your dad because for all the things he does for all the people he does them for, you are his number one and he would move the moon for you. 

Happy birthday to daddy!



Happy Birthday Baby Daddy

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