Sleepover with Baby

August 21, 2016

Dear Baby,

Last night you had your first sleepover at your grandparent’s house. Your bags were packed, instructions given and we left you sleeping to go see the final Tragically Hip show that played live from Kingston on a screen in a park downtown.

It was nervracking and exciting and sad and happy all rolled into one. As usual. 

The night was wonderful. Your dad and I had an amazing time and felt really free without a time restriction on when we had to be home. We stayed out late and were able to happily accept the offer of “want to keep hanging out” after the show was over. 

Although I didn’t fully relax, it was pretty calming to know that you were safe and in capable hands so while nervracking, it was manageable. 

What was super weird was coming home to a silent house. No night lights. No sound machine. No whispering. I took a shower without fear of being too loud and we watched TV with the door wide open- yup, your parents are super cool rebels. 

It was nice and then also I missed everything about you being home. 

I think I felt sad about your growing independence – which seems to be a theme as of late. Sad but then also SO HAPPY. I love watching you thrive and I hate letting you go. All rolled into one emotionally confused sandwich. 

But most of all I am excited for you to begin the time in your life of really bonding and making memories with your grandparents. I have such wonderful memories of sleep overs with mine. The food we ate, the activities we did and the treats that only a night at Bubby and Zaidy warrant. I want you to have all of this and more.

So with that, I hope that when you read this you have all of your grandparents. They are such wonderful people. They love you so much. Treat them with reverence and respect. Enjoy their company and flourish under their watch. Because strong family bonds are important and dad and I need some quiet time (but we can still crank the sound machine- right?)



Sleepover with Baby

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