A Vacation with my Baby- the Rundown

August 29- September 4, 2016

Dear Baby,

A vacation with you was like the much coveted chelsea bun from the delicious local bakery up north where we spent our week. It was sweet, savoury, indulgent, satisfying, playful, and even a tiny slice was fantastic.

We had the delight of taking you to a gorgeous cottage up north courtesy of your great and uncle and it was BLISS. Spending time together non-stop as a family is the fucking best. We rested and relaxed, explored and ate and just vegged out. It was totally rejuvenating

When you slept at naps, you dad and I got to lounge in the sun and have a tiny taste of what a week up north once was not long ago. Because not long ago, mornings would have begun with coffee at 11am instead of 7:30am (not that we are complaining about your sleep in times- keep it up, gurl.) Not long ago we would run out and grab whatever we needed without packing a car full of snacks, a stroller and diapers and planning said adventures around naps. Not long ago, 4pm would have been beer-o-clock and 20 minutes later would have been celebrated in true form. Naps would happen at 6pm and the night would begin sometime around 9 or 10pm.

Suffice to say, this week was not that.

The week was amazing mornings watching the mist lift off the lake while eating breakfast together at 8am, enjoying coffee with your dad while doing some work or crosswords while you had a morning nap, enjoying an outing to some market or little town, sending your second nap with your dad outside in the sun and the spending 4-6pm chasing the shade while hanging out in the shallow water watching you float around in your little floaty and laughing. Your dad and I took our time getting you to bed, made a bonfire and spent romantic nights together alone.

Different doesn’t always mean bad.

As our first year together comes to an end I am so grateful that we have so many family trips under our belts already. These memories and times spent are just fucking priceless and there is no suntan or daytime ceasar that can possibly compare.

Do vacations with your family and the people you love. You will never ever forget them and they just fucking rock.

I hope you see the world… can I come?




A Vacation with my Baby- the Rundown

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