Canadian Baby

August 13, 2016

Dear Baby,

This week are the final Tragically Hip shows here in Toronto and we got to go. I had purchased tickets for 2 other nights as well for myself and your dad which we had to sell because this week is shiva but since we were not sitting last night, I was able to take advantage of a last minute offer from your aunt to go. 

Backtrack: The Tragically Hip are an amazing Canadian legacy. A band that has been the soundtrack to the majority of my young and adult life. A true beacon of what a Canadian summer is all about. A band I have seen all over North America at various times in my life. Gord, the lead singer and enigmatic man, was diagnosed with brain cancer this year and this would be their final tour across Canada. 

After spending almost every summer seeing them play, this would be it. A final farewell to the voice that sang the lyrics that I know so well and touch me on so many levels.

I went to the show. It was as incredible as I imagined it would be.

And then I got thinking. 

In lieu of what has been going on this week I have spent a lot of time with the idea of what it means to have a full life and what it would mean to die with a full heart. 

I looked around the stadium at Gord’s thousands of fans cheering for him while he did the thing that he loves to do most in the world. He left the stage after performing an incredible show to a chorus of applause that was deafening. He said goodbye to so many people who were so grateful that he had ever been alive in the first place. 

It made me think about your great grandfather passing and how he too left a lot of people who were so happy that he lived. And I think that this is what we can all strive for. To have people who will celebrate our life when we are no longer around instead of people mourning our absence. 

Tonight we go back to shiva and I think that it’s really amazing to spend the time sharing stories and memories of those whose lives made ours better. 

So the lesson I can impart here is to be someone who people would be happy to know. Spread love and kindness into your world and live your best authentic life. It’s all you have. 



Canadian Baby

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