Gone Baby

August 9, 2016

Dear Baby,

Today was a sad day as we said goodbye to your great grandfather who passed away early in the morning. 

This was a big loss. Not because it was untimely or unexpected but because he was a larger than life presence on our family and to not have him around anymore will be a void that can’t be filled. 

He was unwaveringly kind and funny and he loved you very much. I feel sad that you won’t remember him because you were too little when he was with us but I know that each time he saw one of his great grandkids, it made him really happy. So know that you were the source of joy to a very special person. 

I don’t know what color they will be one day but right now you have the bluest eyes. People often stop you to comment on how blue they are. He was one of the only people in our family with baby blues. True or not I can’t help but attribute this quality to him and feel like this is one of the pieces of him we take with us moving forward. 

Among many things he leaves us with is a strong sense of family and on a day like today it’s hard not to think about what that all means. 

In his life he saw his own children grow and thrive. They had children and he saw this children have children of their own. What greater achievement could their ever be. 

It’s insane to think that one day I could be just as lucky and witness you grown and happy with babies of your own. It is the ultimate dream. 

He was loved so fiercely by his family and that is something else that I think we can learn from. His funeral was full and everyone had a story to share. We should all aspire to have that many people love us and want to pay respects to us when we are no longer here. It goes back to what I said about filling your life with meaningful love. 

The evidence of a full life lay in a full room of people who were mourning but also celebrating a life that was worth being joyful about. 

Your Dad (and I) had so much reverence for him. He was, in so many ways, your Dad’s hero and role model. I know that Dad will pass down a lot of great stories and traits that could only belong to this great man. I could only hope that you get some of the amazing qualities he possessed. 

No chance that you will be as quiet and soft spoken as he was but you might be as kind, generous and family oriented. That would be great. 

Death is a big part of life and so while I am sad to be experiencing it, I know that all we can do is our very best and hope that we get the prvillege that your great grandfather did in engaging in a full and satisfying life. 

With so much love in my heart. 



Gone Baby

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