There’s some barf on the rug, Baby. 

August 14, 2016

Dear Baby,

It’s funny because I really get grossed out about a lot of things. I HATE bugs- the mere mention of a centipede makes me physically ill. I hate bees and I even sort of hate butterflies. I hate chewed up food. I actually hate feeding you on my lap when you shmere mushed up food on my clothes. 

I also find sweaty people pretty gross and hugging them to be super gross. 

But what I don’t find to be terribly offensive is barf/pee/poo/blood. So far in the past few months I have dealt with terrible versions of all of them and I actually find that I can remain cool in the face of nasty shit. 

Case in point: last night. 

Our dog and fur baby had a HUGE vomit (all over our gorgeous rug no less) and I rose to the occasion and cleaned that shit right up. It took me 5 towels to get it. That’s how much barf we are talking about. 

Love how I gag when embracing a sweating person but get balls deep in puke. 

Dog was fine- we took him to be checked at an emergency vet clinic- and carpet will recover after being professionally cleaned. 

So here’s what I thought about that. We all have our things and our roles. I may be terrible at chilling out in the backyard while bed swarm my food and I may recoil from damp people but I can sure step up when a finger is cut off, someone is barfing or I have pee/ poo on my (aka every day.)

You will grow up and also have your strong and weak points and the real learning is to be fine with all of them and know yourself well enough to shine when you can shine and take a step back when you can’t. There is no shame in not being able to do it all. No one can. 

When you are able to stay true to you and be authentic, you serve yourself and others as best as you ever can. 

So the learning is no worries if you grow up screaming from bees or hate thunder storms or even broccoli. You will have a million great ways to shine and I hope you get to access them every single day. 

Shine on!



There’s some barf on the rug, Baby. 

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