10 Months – A Roundup

July 18, 2016

Dear Baby,


We have been so caught up in your tummy bug that we very unceremoniously rang in your 10 months with a belated “hey, isn’t she 10 months now”? Woops.

No worries, Baby- every day is a celebration of you.

So 10 months has come and gone and like every month gone by I just can’t believe how fast it all went. You are truly not my little tiny baby any more and this is never as evident as when you spend time with little babies. We do this music class where you are the eldest by at least 2 months and the differences are staggering.

Moms are delighted watching their little ones sit for the first time or grasp an object and there you are in the middle of it all (literally, you crawl into the middle of the room every time) showing off your skills. You are shaking that rattle, clapping your hands, waving your arms and singing along (fine, just yelling but in my mind, you are singing.)

And this is just the beginning of the new things you have suddenly been able to do. The rate of your development has just skyrocketed and we can actually see your brain learning new things every day. The other day you pointed to a fan when asked “where’s the fan,” you climber 4 stairs under dad’s watch yesterday and you can find and point to people or things when asked. Baby, the thing about you that is the most amazing is that you have the best sense of humour.

Now I am for sure one of those moms who is all like, my baby is so funny but whateves. You make me laugh. A lot. You seem to make other people laugh too so I may not be all crazy.

You do this thing where if we hiss like a snake, you scrunch your face up and make a hiss-ish sound. If we laugh (and we always do, because… baby snakes- what!!!) you will do it again. Snakey.

If we fake cough, you will repeat us and continue to go back and forth fake coughing,

Typing this out it sounds so small but these little interactions are the fucking delight of my day and there is nothing better than making you laugh while sharing our little inside jokes.

I think it’s pretty astounding how every day I think “it can’t get better than this” and then it does. Every time I think we have hit the max of amazingness and adorableness, you do something new and more amazing. I always want time to slow down but I can’t fucking wait to see what you do next.

Happy 10 months, Baby.



10 Months – A Roundup

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