Sometimes babies stink

July 17, 2016

Dear Baby,

You have gotten this great knack for teething every time we leave the city for a weekend so it was unsurprising to find your great big upper tooth making its way to the surface of your little gums on Friday when we arrived up north. 

Teething. I hate you. 

I hate you because I think you kind of suck but I also hate you because you make me feel like everything can be attributed to you. So when you first made the stankest poop ever Baby, I figured it must be teething. 

10000000 people on the internet can’t be wrong and the Internet assured me that babies can get gross poo associated with teething. So, ok. Teething. Teething is the new fussiness. 

When the shit storm continued (pun very much intended) I began to wonder and when we got to day 2 I questioned everything. Teething- the monsterous villain that you are- distracted me from the real issue: stomach bug. 

Hey new moms: if your kid has a poo that makes you want to actually barf on the floor it isn’t teething. 

So in fact, you have been suffering from a baby version of stomach flu. All the symptoms that we attributed to your upcoming tooth were also symptoms of this affliction. 

Which brings me to my point for today. Don’t be so quick to be sure. Sometimes things may seem simple. Your kid is irritable and you think- teething. But if you can’t be 100 percent sure, it’s always worth investigation. 

Sometimes, the easiest answer is the right one and sometimes not. What that vague sentence goes to show is that you can never be too sure about something and spending time gathering facts and information about any given topic from teething to outer space can only help serve you better in the long run. Knowledge is power and having the ability to admit that you don’t know everything is a great way to boost your personal stash of power. 

I the meantime I have too much power when it comes to baby poo so I’m going to go ahead and delete the photo shoot I took of your bowel movements that the doctor definitely didn’t want to see and move on with my life. 



Sometimes babies stink

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