Ice Ice Baby

July 13, 2016

Dear Baby,

Last night I went to Pilates while your dad put you to bed. When I called for an update on how the bedtime went I was met with good news and bad news. Good news- bedtime was great. Bad news- in the midst of it, our air conditioning had stopped working. Fucking perfect on the HOTTEST NIGHT EVER (k, not ever but it was a really hot night.)

One of the things about living in a really old house is that on a great day the air circulation never quite reaches the upstairs which means that it is perpetually 10 degrees hotter in our bedrooms than it is anywhere else. In contrast our basement is usually subarctic. 

On a bad day (like when you have no AC), it is balls hot. Like 30 degree plus hot. Like way too hot to sleep. Like still air fucking gross hot. And such was last night. 

The monitor in your room read a cool 30 degrees. It was not pretty.

You ended up sleeping through the night only interrupted by a few tosses and turns, your dad snored the night away and I had a tantrum in bed (heat AND snoring. No fucking thank you) and moved my hot ass downstairs to sleep (or not sleep, as it were) on the couch. 

It was my first and last time couch sleeping. A wooly pillow and throw does not a bed make.

Thankfully, a repair guy came this morning to diagnose our problem. Turns out that we are super stupid. The air vent that needed to be replaced a while ago because it was filthy was left in the system too long and caused the coils to freeze. Cool story bro, right?

Well here is the lesson you can take away from this dividing tale. Don’t put off what you an do today. We literally looked at the dirty ass vent like, at least 4-5 times in the past 2 months and were like, “oh we should totes clean that” and then didn’t. Had we only just done it the first time we would have saved ourselves a full night of grossness and a subsequently displacing day where I spent it out and at my in-laws while the coil melted and the reset (not that spending time at my in laws isn’t awesome- it is. Their house is the best- it’s just hard to spend a transient day with a babe.)

So don’t procrastinate your shit or be ready to kick yourself when something you should have done comes and bites you in the ass. Hard. 

In the meantime, we are back and running and I for one will NEVER complain that it is too hot in this house again. Bless you, AC. 



Ice Ice Baby

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