Pasta Sans Baby

May 24, 2016

Dear Baby,

We just finished a pretty epic long weekend and are back to our regular scheduled programming of a weekday. 

The weekend was amazing. The weather was perfect, we finally got our yard together and it is now usable, we saw friends and family, spent so much time having picnics in the park and just overall enjoyed being together as a family (as usual- I’m seriously obsessed with family time).

Sunday night your dad and I went on our first date since Florida approximately 4.5 months ago. 

Now we are not hard done by to spend time together. We actually spend a ton of time together. We stay home a lot and more often have dinner and a relaxing night together on any given weekday. Weekends are spent with friends or family and we have gone out a few times together with friends or seperately so not as if we are holed up at home tearing our hair out but still…

There is something about putting on some makeup and nice shoes and sitting across a nice table together that is unparalleled by any night in. We are definitely more homebody-ish than ever before but in some part of our distant past, we did love to go out. 

Dinner was great. We went to this new Italian place that was gorgeous and yummy. We laughed a lot and had some drinks. It was great. 

The best part though was going for a walk after dinner to nowhere particular down Bloor street. I forgot how much I love just being with your dad, roaming around with no adgenda, no time limit and no reason. Just walking and talking.  

That’s the stuff I guess I miss with your dad. The ability to do something for no reason. Even date night had to be constructed and planned. It’s hard to be casual when you need to get a babysitter, get home for a nap, bring enough food, get the dog walked etc. There is nothing casual about organizing a day or night but the act of walking for no reason was just SO CASUAL. 

There was no plan, no procedure. Just us and the pavement. 

Now Baby, don’t misunderstand me. I would be planned and programmed forever for you. But you will one day see how amazing it is to fall in love with your partner and how sometimes, the best times are the most unassuming and totally unremarkable ones. That walking down a street and reminiscing about places you used to go together can be the most romantic thing. 

And that’s the thing about love Baby, it’s so unremarkable and wonderful. So this is a lesson to not take for granted those times that you spend with the people that you love. Whatever it is, they are moments and memories and all the fancy shit in the world can’t match the simple moments that you spend connecting with the loves of your life. 

In the meantime, I’ll just spend a little more time in here watching you sleep. These are those moments. 



Pasta Sans Baby

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