8 Months- a Roundup

May 18, 2016

Dear Baby,

Can we talk? I mean really talk. Woman to woman. I’m pretty over how fast time is flying by. Can you slow down??? Every single time I think I’ve caught up, I haven’t and I’m starting to feel like this is a race I am never going to win (shocking with my incredible athlete abilities, I know). 

8 months has fucking just whooshed by and here we are- you trying to crawl in your sleepsack instead of napping (ps. Go to sleep) and me in makeup (ok fine, just mascara) and hair done (in a pony, very unwashed) at 9am (we had a Bris this morning, but still a pretty major accomplishment for any mama. Amiright???)

Baby, you are a total riot. Every day you remind me more and more of your dad which is to say you are loud, stubborn and WONDERFUL. 

You are finally getting to be a bit chubby and you have all sorts of new skills popping up every day. You just started to crawl (ish), you wave, high five and say dada. You laugh a lot and you are generally very friendly and happy. 

Right now you are big into pancakes and swings as well as your socks. You have yet to meet socks that you don’t want to just eat immediately. Your socks remain forever soggy and missing. 

Life here chez us is pretty good. We have some kind of semblance of a routine- or whatever you call it when you don’t have a set time but things sort of happen around a time- ish. You have finally acknowledged the dog who in turn has finally come to understand that you are the keeper of the dropped food. You two spend a lot of time cautiously eyeing one another and it is adorable. 

I think that one of the most profound parts of this time for me is watching friends have new babies and thinking how much has changed in such a very short time. I can hardly remember what we were like 8 months ago. I picked up a friend’s new baby recently and forgot how precious their head is. It seems like you have had neck control forever. When you take 5 minutes to settle for a nap I wonder what is going on and I forget spending HOURS rocking you and shushing you to sleep on the daily. 

Baby at 8 months you are SO loved. I love you even more than I ever imagined and I continue to be delighted and amazed by you. I am so proud and happy to be your mama. 

Happy 8 months my sweet little lady.



8 Months- a Roundup

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