Other People’s Babies

April 13, 2016

Dear Baby,

We are here in Israel for a wedding so Tuesday night we had a wedding rehersal dinner. I was anxious about going in the first place because I don’t love taking you out past bedtime to a place that is an hour away by car in a country I don’t know but nonetheless, we went. 

We arrived in the pouring rain to find the party was outside in a tent and we would either have to have you in the tent with us where it was loud and smoky or in the house next door where we would not be able to see or hear you. 

I wish I was one of those cool moms who would be all like, I’m so down to just leave my baby in a house alone and not worry but I am a fucking nervous wreck and ate all my nail polish off my fingers while stressing about the decision. 

And of course, my stress became your stress and you were restless and crying for much of the evening. Your dad and I rotated coming in to sooth you before begging to go home. A shame because I love a good party and if I wasn’t about to loose my mind, I’m sure it would have been one. 

And in the end you of course came home, went back to sleep and slept the night away so my stress was for nothing because you couldn’t have cared less that you were out and probably had no idea. 

It was a good reminder to check myself and my unnecessary stress at the door. 

The other thing about that night that really helped me to check myself was the other baby at the party. The family whose home it was had a little 10 month old baby and yes, it was their own home so naturally there was a comfort level there but also their baby stayed up pretty late and they didn’t spend every 5 seconds going in to check on her once they out her down. 

And interesting that they didn’t check on her because you should have seen where this baby slept. I honestly thought they were kidding when they showed us her crib. It was a white crib just like your but lined with plush bumpers (pretty sure those are “illegal” here), a blanket, a DUVET should the blanket not suffice in keeping baby warm in a country where a cool night is 15 degrees. They also had a pillow and a few stuffed animals. 

Aside from the crib that would have given our baby CPR instructor a fucking heart attack, there was no sound machine, no humidifier and no Baby Einstein mobile. 


I’m kidding. The obvious answer is that we really spend way too much time stressing about you. Heaven forbid we don’t pack your fucking sound machine on our trip and we feel like we will have ruined your whole life. These people are 10 seconds from smothering their kid in a blanket and they give zero fucks. Go figure. 

And that brings me to this. Baby, don’t sweat the small stuff. In your life there will be a million stupid things to stress about. Try not to. 

Things that may seem super important are often not when you just put them in perspective and it’s good to take a deep breath here and there and remind yourself that whatever is going on, it’s not the end of the world. Unless it is literally the end of the world in which case your stress is warranted. 

In the meantime, got to get you to bed so we can have one solid night before the wedding. Your dad and I will be on the balcony getting wine drunk (and watching the monitor, obviously). 



Other People’s Babies

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