Desert Trip Baby

April 12,2016

Dear Baby,
5 days into our trip and I can safely say that traveling with you is a real treat. After landing and orienting in Tel Aviv, Israel we began to explore. By explore, I mean eat a lot of hummus. Spoiler alert: hummus really fucks up your mom’s stomach. True story. 
Here was a good lesson that we learned:
We had arranged to leave Tel Aviv and drive 1.5 hours away to Ein Gedi for a night and then another 1.5 hours the next day to the Ramon Crater for a night. So in a past life before you, this would have been a pretty rad plan. We would have arrived at our destinations with hours to spend and an evening open to explore. 
In our wonderful life with you, we arrived, you napped, woke up, we did some stuff for a couple of hours and then you went to bed which meant we were in the room (on the patio) for the rest of the night which really meant that we went to bed super early and woke up to pack up and leave. Mini trips are just less of a fun quick thing and more of an ordeal with a babe. 
This is not to say we didn’t have fun, just to say that next time we travel we plan to spend at least 2-3 days per place so that we can enjoy more of it together before we pack up and go.
Another lesson we learned:
Staying in SUPER SEXY hotels are super unsexy with a baby. So the hotel at the Ramon Crater was the second sexiest hotel I have ever been to in life (the first being a cliff side mother fucking villa palace with a private pool in Thailand on our honeymoon). The rooms were swank, there were bonfires blazing at dusk and unreal views overlooking the crater itself. The restaurant was dark and well furnished and the lobby was fucking gorgeous. 
In our former life we would have enjoyed the romance of it all. People walked around all day in robes. I love that. I would have done that for sure. 
In this life I took advantage of zero sexiness and spent majority of our visit trying to hide you from the sun. 
Finally we learned that travelling with you is actually the best. Have I mentioned that already?
So, to summarize. If you have a baby; take longer “mini trips” and don’t expect super sexy time. If you don’t have a baby; take tons of mini trips and see all the things and take advantage of those ridiculous hotel rain showers and private infinity pool balconies. Like I even have to tell you to do that. 
In the meantime, going to unpack those hotel slippers and shampoo we stole.

Desert Trip Baby

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