Cycle Baby

March 12, 2016

Dear Baby,

Yesterday I bit the bullet and went by myself (with you) to a new mom and baby workout class. I was sceptical as the last attempt I made at working out with you was a total disaster and resulted in me sitting on a floor feeding you for 50% of the class and then the other 50% dangling toys in your face so you would be entertained. 

If that was a “good workout” I would be a fucking body builder by now. 

I had heard some really good things about this particular class and since for me, it seems pretty damn near impossible to go to the gym once you are asleep (because WHO WANTS TO WORK OUT WHEN THE VOICE IS ON???) I thought that we would give it a whirl. Pun intended. 

Spoiler alert: the class was amaze balls. 
It was hard and it was fast and although you actually fell asleep for most of it, it was stimulating for the babies and best of all, they let the mamas work out and the instructor took care of the babies. 

Win. Win. 
Everyone was happy. Babies were happy being picked up and bounced and smiled at when needed. Moms were happy to have 60 minutes to work on that bikini body (haha. Obviously kidding onesie body at best- amiright???). 

Actually, the real treat was that the babies got to watch their mamas do something important- take care of themselves and their mind/body. 

I’m no expert but I think that having your baby in a fun, new environment where they get to watch you do something productive for yourself is probably a great way to begin teaching them about all those wonderful things like self worth, self esteem and confidence. It also allows them to see mom as someone who has a great and busy life outside of the times she spends making funny noises and faces at baby. 

Win. Win. 

So Baby, today’s lesson is that when you have something that you want to do but can’t get it done the traditional way- get creative. 

I wanted to work out, couldn’t bring you to the gym with me and couldn’t manage going after putting you to bed so I got creative and went to this class. Sure, it’s not like I invented the class but I tried it and found that it worked. 

In life, you may have expectations of how things will go but should you ever hit a road block just know that if you search you will find a new, different and maybe even better way to achieve your goals. 

In the meantime, just going to try and figure out how to carry you around all day with this SUPER SORE body of mine. TGIS



Cycle Baby

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