Baby, I love you

January 16, 2016

Dear Baby,

As we sit here today about to finish our super long winter vacation I can’t help but think how a small part of me is sad that our solo time together is over. 

Your dad left us 10 days ago here to go home and since then it had been you and me. Yes, my mom is here with us but it is very different than the type of help your dad gives. Plus, I sleep alone with you in our room. 

To say it was all easy would be a lie (see my post on sleep regression) but it has been the most wonderful experience. 

I have been in love with you since the day we met but Baby, I am madly in love with you now. Insanely in love with you. 

I feel like this trip, this month, this time has been so different. Like I finally feel used to you, to us and to our life together in a way I could have never put into words before it happened. 

From the moment we (you) wake up i am excited and delighted to be spending the day attached to you (or rather, with you attached to me). Every small thing you do, the cuddles, the way you laugh, watching you learn new things makes my heart full. 

There is no lesson here today, Baby. This is just one of many love notes all for you to tell you how incredible you are and how much you make my life a million times better than I ever could have imagined. 

I love you with all my heart. 



Baby, I love you

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