Stepping out with my Baby

December 18, 2015

Dear Baby,

Doing new things with a new baby is a scary thing. Like, you never know what might happen and whether you might be asleep the whole time or screaming bloody murder the whole time. Do I need to bring you a hat or are you going to sweat in your bucket? Did I need to bring more diapers? Less diapers? ALL THE DIAPERS??????

And Baby, will I have to change a diaper in public? Will you get hungry? Should I breastfeed you with confidence and just let people deal with their own issues about it? Should I wear one of those booby hiding things? A scarf?? WILL MY NIPPLES SHOW????

And then there is the timing of it all. When did you last feed? What has today been like- are you feeding often? Are you fussy? Are you dressed? AM I DRESSED?????

So we wanted to celebrate your 3 months with a special day dinner- obviously you wouldn’t be eating (or likely awake for it) but it seemed like to much of an occasion to do our usual pizza-in-sweatpants kind of night.

We spent about 30 minutes trying to organize ourselves, walked out the door, came back in to order that pizza and finally just sucked it up and went out for our first family dinner.

And you know what, Baby? It was awesome. You slept perfectly and your dad and I had some much needed laughs over red wine mussels. It was the perfect way to celebrate 3 months of us working at this parenting thing and 3 months of having you- the best thing in the whole world.

So, here is the learning I can share with you today, try new things- even when they are scary. Sure, our night could have gone a million different ways. We might have been forced to flee the restaurant in haste with you screaming, we may have had to change your diaper in a bathroom stall or have pissed off the fellow diners with noise and chaos but we would have never known if we hadn’t just tried.

So try everything. Most of what you do will not work out to plan but I assure you that sometimes it will and you may get the perfect little evening out of it in the end.



Stepping out with my Baby

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