Roundup: 3 months

December 18, 2015

Dear Baby,

Happy 3 month birthday to you, my sweet baby girl.

Here is some stuff you did this week.

We started a new baby class and we learned about doing tummy-time on bolsters. You possibly love that even less than regular tummy-time. As a protest, you refuse to roll anymore this week.

You got awesome new sconces for your room (you’ve actually had them for a while but your dad finally installed them). You have the best room in the house, hands down. I am obsessed with it.

We learned that you are super into mobiles. I got you 2.

You fit into your first 3-6 month top.

You have been babbling up a little storm. You love telling us little stories and I LOVE to listen to them.

I can’t believe you have been in my life for 3 whole months. I can’t imagine a better way to spend the time- now, let’s just try and get a little bit more sleep mmmkay?




Roundup: 3 months

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