Baby nose, baby toes

December 19, 2015

Dear Baby,

Today you crapped right up your shirt so your afternoon playtime was a naked one. This was fine with me because I had just read an article about how babies your age should be naked often so that they learn more about their own bodies.

It is so weird that you don’t yet know that your body is a whole being. Like, you are just now learning that you control the function and movement of your hands. Things that we, long masters of our hands, take so for granted.

It’s one of the many different things that you will do that I will have to actively look at through your eyes.

It’s a constant battle to remember that you can’t do things that I can and you don’t think the way I do. Like this morning when you couldn’t sleep and work me up 3 times in the span of 3 hours and I was all like “crap, Baby. Go the fuck back to sleep.”

Who swears at their baby? I forget that you have no idea what you are doing. If you were my peer waking me up just to make a fart and squirm and then go back to sleep I would straight up cut you but you have zero idea how precious sleep is yet. All you know is that you have a fart and it needs to come out followed by a quick sooth from mom. Simple.

Or like later this morning when I was trying to reason with you to nap longer. Like, If you nap you will feel so good today, Baby. I’m trying to reason with a person who doesn’t even know that she has hands. So that’s good.

But Baby, this has been a difficulty for me at many times- trying to remember that people don’t think the way I do all the time. It is a daily practice to try and appreciate people for who they are and how they think in their own unique way.

One day when you know that you have hands you will meet a whole array of people who will come from all different walks of life and you will have to navigate all the different personalities with your own unique self.

People will always be learning about their own selves, hands and otherwise, and I hope you practice kindness when you encounter them. The same kindness I am giving you as you learn bout this amazing world around you.


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Baby nose, baby toes

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