Baby Clothes

December 10, 2015

Dear Baby,

Confession: I cried harder than you did getting your first needle when I packed up your newborn clothes today.

I noticed the other night that your newborn size onesies were getting snug and I was thrilled and sad all at once- because how could anything in this crazy journey not be the parallel of 2 huge emotions.

I am obviously thrilled that your are growing. You are a super tiny baby and newborn clothes have lasted you far longer than the average. When people tell you not to buy a lot of really small clothes for your baby, they have obviously not had one that got 3 months of wear (and then some since I can still fit you into anything without feet).

I am thrilled to be unpacking a whole new box of stuff for you. I am obsessed with your wardrobe and the excuse to shop for tiny clothes is even better than shopping for myself. Plus, now out of newborn sizes, I am afforded a whole new range of clothes possibilities. The world of 0-3 is upon us, Baby.

I am thrilled that you continue to be SO damn cute and into dressing up. Today you are wearing a one piece tracksuit. A ONE PIECE TRACKSUIT- who even thinks of shit this cute????

I am so sad that you are growing. Packing up your newborn clothes is the end of you as my newborn baby. You are entering a whole new phase of life and I can see it in far more than just the labels on your clothes. I basically blinked and 12 weeks went by and they are now our past. I know that if this is how it is with you, I am going to sneeze and you will be a fucking teenager.

I am so sad to be packing up the clothes  I have come to love for you. We will never again have a day lounging in your tiny polka dot onesie with the hearts or the blue outfit with matching hat that made you look like a little boy elf. The outfit you came home from the hospital in that swam on you is now in a tupperwear.

I am so sad that on several days in the past week you have looked so grown up. Gone are all the funny newborn isms- in their place is a little baby who is becoming more and more of a person ever day.

So Baby, when you love something or someone, TREASURE EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. It’s so cliche to say it but time goes by so fast and you never fully know what you have until it is gone. Oh, and take a lot of pictures.



Baby Clothes

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