Roundup: 12 Weeks

December 11, 2015

Dear Baby,

You are sleeping beside me as I write this and I am doing everything in my power not to wake you up and eat your face- because we don’t eat babies- jokes, we def do.

You are 12 weeks old today and this week has been FULL of changes for you.

The most major thing to happen this week is that you rolled. We had you up in tummy time and all of a sudden you rolled ourself onto your back. You looked just as shocked as we were that it happened. Fluke? We thought maybe but it has happened again twice. We are a bit less surprised but you still look like you landed from Mars each time.

The subsequent follow up is that we agreed (your dad insisted) that it is time for you to sleep unswaddled. Between rolling and the fact that you have started to chew on your hands through the swaddle make us (or really just your over neurotic dad) nervous that you might suffocate yourself.

Putting a baby to sleep unswaddled is hilarious and sad. The moro reflex- which I LOVE like, please be cuter when you splay your little arms- is still strong and so sleep last night was a series of you startling yourself awake and then being so sad that you were awake and then trying your hardest to go back to sleep. And repeat.

But the best is your mornings. I still fucking hate waking up at 4am- it has not gotten any easier or better BUT, this week instead of waking to your cry and dragging my tired ass out of bed with you, I have woken to a smiling baby. IT. IS. THE. BEST. I would actually wake up at 4am forever if that was my morning forever.

Baby, your little smiles are insane. There is nothing in the world like feeling wanted, needed and loved in the am and the reciprocation of those feelings is amazeballs good.

Happy 12 weeks my sweet baby.



Roundup: 12 Weeks

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