Laughter is Medicine, Baby

December 3, 2015

Dear Baby,

This afternoon after spending a full day together, you did the most amazing thing. You laughed.

You began smiling a few weeks ago and those amazing little smiles have since become huge gummy grins that greet me in the mornings and all throughout the day. That little smile saved your tiny bum from being my number one enemy at 4am.

So today when I began playing a silly game with you in bed and your have me the biggest grin, I was delighted but not surprised but that grin turned into a full person laugh. A real laugh and I just about died.

They say laughter is the best medicine and I can’t agree more. Forget being tired, dirty and hungry. I could live on that sweet little laugh alone.

I have spent the remainder of today trying to replicate that laugh from you.

I want you to know, Baby that despite what you might think based on your 11 weeks of observation- your dad and I both love to laugh and we laugh a lot.

You may not hear it much now in your short periods of wakefulness. You may only hear coos, happy voices and music but when you are asleep and we can finally talk properly we laugh quiet muffled laughs.

I love your laugh the most because I can’t wait for all of us to laugh together. I hope to give you a home filled with laughter and fun and seeing the beginning of it today made my heart swell with delight.

So today’s lesson is less a lesson and more a hope that this first laugh will be the first one millions and that you will be able to laugh about funny things, laugh off the haters, laugh at yourself and laugh at others (in a kind way). That you will love to laugh.

What more could I ask for? (Maybe for you to laugh again tomorrow…)



Laughter is Medicine, Baby

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