Baby Steps

December 4, 2015

Dear Baby,

For every step we take forward we take one step back. I was so thrilled about your laughter yesterday that I almost forgot about the fact that you have turned into a total snake for the past 3 days.

Babies have this weird way of turning on a dime. One day you think you know them so well and then they are all like, haha you stupid idiot. You know nothing at all.

Here’s how it’s been. You wake up from sleep or nap and scream bloody murder for the 5 seconds it takes me to whip out your meal/ my boob. Then we change you mid feed and you scream even louder. Then we finish your feed and you keep screaming until you realize that you are actually not upset any more. Then you smile.

I get about 20 minutes of the sweetest girl in the world before you get tired eyes and then you spend the next 40 ish minutes screaming again while I try and relax you to sleep.

I mean, I get it. It must be so shit to have someone rock you to sleep to the sound of ambient white noise in a perfectly temperature controlled room. I totally understand.

Good old Dr. Google informed me that this is a new developmental and growth stage and that your sudden snake- like behaviours are totally normal- which is obviously nice to hear and saves me calling the exorcist.

Baby, you are already always one step ahead of me. I spend my days watching you and deciphering your baby code to try and keep up but you are fucking fast, Baby.

I keep feeling so caught off guard when I notice that what I thought was working well is no longer working but I think I need to temper my expectations and realize that I will never have it down to a t. You will always be pushing your own new limits and keeping me on my toes.

So, with that in mind, today’s lesson is to never stay complacent and to never rest on your laurels. A million situations will occur in your life that will test all the things you know to be true. A great person will rise in the face of those tests and changes. A weak person will falter and a normal person who is striving to be the best they can be will probably cry in the bathroom for a minute or two and then go out and tackle the day (not that I am speaking from experience in said bathroom or anything).

Babies, or life in general will always be one step ahead of you so all you can do is smile, be open to new things, learn as you go and try your best to keep up.

Hope I can keep up with you, Baby.



Baby Steps

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