Baby it’s Cold Outside

November 23, 2015

Dear Baby,

This morning when I woke up to you making your noises in the bassinet beside me I was shocked to see that it was 6am. You slept right through the night and I got a whooping 6 hour sleep- the best I have had so far.

So we went back to bed a few hours later and when I woke up, I was even more shocked to see it was 10am- we had missed the whole morning in bed cuddling together.

Baby, since I have been ok to go out, I have gone out a lot. Our days are filled with walks, activities, friends and errands and it is super rare for us to just be lazy. I don’t watch TV or veg out a lot and any “spare time” I have in a day I spend doing work or admin stuff (like your thank you cards which I am still working on.)

This morning we had already missed a Baby and Mom Workout class and the weather was frosty so I decided to stay home with you and enjoy a lazy day. Note to self- lazy days are awesome.

We did nothing. We hung out, we played, we danced, we sang. I read you books, we took some naps. I wore you in your carrier and got some cleaning and laundry done and then I sat in your room while you dozed and just hung out enjoying time with you.

Being busy together is great, I love taking you out and showing you the world. I love when you meet new friends and I love when we get fresh air and exercise but mostly, I love spending time with you. You are already my best friend and in all the activity we do together, I sometimes forget how fun it can be to just be with you.

Baby, time is flying by and although it is inevitable, I don’t want to feel like I didn’t take enough time to enjoy your every little move. I want to make sure we get a lot of these days, especially over the winter, to cuddle up and be together- pretty soon you won’t want to cuddle with your mom (which makes me so sad) so now is the time to really savour these precious moments.

So, my lesson today Baby, is take the time to enjoy the things you love. Especially on these cold days when it is so nice to stay warm and inside, have quiet days. Have days that are spent in bed, days that are spent in pyjamas and days without plans or any obligations.

You will never regret those times- the business can wait for another day.

Thanks for a wonderful day, Baby.




Baby it’s Cold Outside

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