Why I returned your fur vest, Baby

October 27, 2015

Dear Baby,

It’s 6:38am. I am sitting with you in your room feeding you. Baby, you just slept for a full 5 hour stretch and I am inclined to think that you are miracle baby. You have done so many awesome things in a 24 hour span. Yesterday morning during tummy time you lifted your little head up and held it. Then, while we sat and rocked together, you smiled at me. That was one of the best things I have seen in my life. I love how you know me. How much you love to nuzzle into my arms and how at ease you are there. 

Your dad has a cold so I am much more in charge than I usually am. I have to say, it is nice. I miss his extra hands but I also relish in being able to do everything without any choice. It makes me feel confident that I can take care of you on my own and that I don’t need as much help as I sometimes feel like I do.

Baby, your clothes are so damn cute. I can’t believe my luck that I get to shop for someone new. In the beginning, I was advised to keep you in your sleepers. Now, your sleepers are pretty cute and they do serve the additional function of being really easy to take on and off when I change you but a good outfit they do not make so I disregarded the advice given and invested in tiny outfits. Sure, a baby doesn’t technically need harem pants but I’ll be damned if you weren’t going to have them.

Here’s why buying you outfits is stupid. Poo does not discriminate. Poo doesn’t care if I spend $38 dollars on a pair of pants that are the size of my hand. Poo, in fact, seems to seek out your more expensive and precious clothes and gets ALL OVER them. Oh, and the kicker is your poo stains EVERYTHING.

This of course didn’t stop me from buying you camo leggings or floral overalls today. The fact that you will outgrow or crap all over everything I get you is not a good enough deterent to the cute-ness that is baby clothes. So here’s some unsolicited advice from me to you, Baby. Try and keep your baby clothes purchases to a reasonable amount assuming that you will take pleasure in doing a bit of shopping. Buy a good stain remover and try and have a sense of humor about it all. And return that fur vest. Babies may not need floral overalls but the FOR SURE don’t need fur vests (editors note: I regret returning the vest already.)

I love you, Baby



Why I returned your fur vest, Baby

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