Big girl bed

January 31, 2018

Dear Babies,

I can’t believe I haven’t written this yet because it’s basically the most exciting thing that’s happened to us in a while but someone moved into a big girl bed this month and we need to talk about it.

Now I start by saying this: not everyone has a positive experience with a crib to bed transition so I speak from the perspective of having had a great one. It could have gone either way but fortunately, it’s been leaning to good.

So with that, here is how it went.

We moved into a bed while we were on vacation. I think the whole shock of being away and out of the norm made the bed just another new thing to get used to instead of a big deal. By the time we got home, the new bed had been delivered and the crib was moved to the baby’s room. The end.

So the best thing about a bed is that I can actually get in it and hang out with you. I know that people climb into cribs (and I have) but laying in bed together is next level. Plus, the new vocabulary surrounding bed makes for evenings when, at bedtime, you ask for things like “a long cuddle in bed”. Sure. I can stay all night if you want.

It means that we have had full naps together. It means that when I tell you your goodnight stories, we often lay face to face and talk. It means that I put this tiny peanut person into this big bed and it is so cute that my face almost melts off.

I was warned not to rush moving you into a bed because you would climb out and harass us in the night. I assume that a lot of kids do that and I know one day I’ll find you bedside but for the most part, I don’t know any kids who sleep as well as you do (poo poo poo) so I think we mitigate that experience with you not really waking up.

The times you have awoken in the night you call for us and you better believe I’m coming running. I got to sleep half the night with you the one time it happened which felt more like a present than punishment.

So I’ll say this. We took the chance of moving you because we know you and we know what your limitations are. I hope that one day you know yourself and are willing to push yourself to try new things within your comfort zone and then-some.

Sure, it could have been a disaster but if we didn’t try we’d never know how actually awesome it is. I think you’ll find that lesson everywhere you go.

In the meantime, is it wrong that I’m counting down to nap time?



Big girl bed

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