7 Months of Baby

January 19, 2018

Dear Babies,

My littlest baby is 7 months old and as the second child has yet to receive the same documentation as the first. I think that your second kid gets a lot of less. Less time with you, less time to shine but then they get a sibling which, now having watched two kids interacting, is way more valuable than being meticulously blogged about.

Anyways, I have a moment to myself today to think and marinate on my babe so I thought it fitting to document this, her 7th month here with us.

Baby, you are a delight. Having 2 kids gives some perspective and benchmarks and so I can say with confidence that you are the happiest baby ever. You delight in everything and everyone and you are easy going and sweet natured.

I have no idea what a baby your age “should” be doing and I could care less. Everything you do is done with joy and honestly, what else matters??

The best thing you currently do is laugh your tiny head off at your sister which is basically enough to make my mom heart explode. I’m a big sister so I have never had the chance to watch someone older than me in admiration but it seems like a lot of fun.

It’s been a long and very short 7 months but after the weeds of newborn-ness I feel like we are doing a lot better. It’s been fun to come out of the haze and get to know you. Your personality seems to grow every day. Now having your sister around for 2.5 years I know that she is as she was a baby – silly, funny and sensitive. Nothing has changed except how it manifests itself. I wonder if in 2 years you will still be sweet, easy going and joyful? I really hope so.

Happy 7 months, baby!



7 Months of Baby

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