Self Care

October 19, 2017

Dear Babies,

2 of you sleeping is no joke. I get to catch up in a major way. From 0 posts in a month to 2 in one day. Lucky!!

So, last night sucked. I’m not going to name names but someone didn’t sleep AT ALL and drove us fucking crazy all night. Hint: you are currently sleeping in our room but soon to be moving into your own new room because of the above travesty. This morning was no better. The sleeplessness and waking up continued until about 5am when you got pulled into our bed which meant that mama (me) had to sleep with a human on her arm. It’s adorable, yes but also sweaty and super uncomfortable. I love it so much just not after not sleeping at all for a whole night – ya feel me?

Anyways, suffice to say that I woke up in a total shit mood. The world was grey and gloomy and I was M.A.D. When you didn’t take a proper morning nap I wondered why on earth I ever uttered the words “maybe we should have more babies” ever. I left the house late for my bootcamp and pissed at everything. Then I did my mom/baby workout and then magically, everything was better. The sky looked bluer and my outlook was a bit more optimistic than before. Because:

  1. EVERYONE (and especially mamas who are tied to their baby 24/7) needs a fucking break. Girls, take some breaks. Give yourself time to do something for you. Is it selfish to make time for yourself? NO. It’s selfish not to and then to be a huge bitch.
  2. Working out really does boost your mood. It’s not a gimmick to make you join a gym, it is a true fact of life. Every single day that I workout, I feel a zillion times better than when I don’t. Expending that energy gives me more energy and makes the little things, like a botched nap, seem pretty little.

You guys will have shit days and if you’re anything like me, you will have a hard time regulating yourself when you are overtired, overworked or just over it BUT, there is a saving grace in knowing that a little bit of self care goes a long long way. I remember when I was a brand new mom for the very first time, your dad got me a facial and I went for the hour and it was like having a month of good sleep. That hour away to recharge and regroup doing something loving for myself was the best.

So if and when life becomes overwhelming, go for a walk, a run or a class and release some of those great endorphins and then call me – I’ll take you for a good facial or glass of wine (legal age pending) any day of the week.



Self Care

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