My job

August 9, 2017

Dear Babies,

The other week we were hanging out with friends some of whom have and some who do not have kids. When sitting with those friends who don’t have kids I found myself in an interesting situation.

I would ask them about their lives, their jobs in particular and listen to them talk about whatever project or task or office nuance was going on and then the conversation would end.

No one asks me about my job currently and I feel a weird sense of embarrassment that I don’t have anything “meaningful” to contribute. What’s a day pondering the trials and tribulations of feeding and sleeping got on meeting with celebrities or coming up with mind blowing ideas?

Why does raising and nurturing a human seem like something that is boring. Why do I make lighthearted jokes at my own expense about how I’m not up to anything interesting. Why the shame in admitting that not only is this my job but that I love it.

No one rolls their eyes at other peoples day to day.

So to my beautiful babies who I am so happy to be parenting, don’t be ashamed to be you and do whatever it is you do.


My job

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