Will be a big sis

June 29, 2017

Dear Baby,

I just typed in the date and was like, what the fuck! How are we in end of June? Never has time been more weird to me than this week gone by. I don’t even know for sure what day it is as I am in a haze of breastfeeding and sleeping but I’m sure I’ll be back to a calendar slave in no time. 

So, as you know, you have assumed duties as a sibling officially with your little sister and watching you adapt has been sweet, a bit sad (for me) and also just fucking hilarious. 

Perhaps my favourite interaction between you and the baby is when you see her at any given time in the day, approach her, look into her eyes and say “hi baby.”

Then you patiently wait for a response. 

This goes on usually a few tries and I watch your little brain process why this tiny baby isn’t saying hi to you back. Be cuter!!!!

Also you are very into showing us baby’s features. Eyes, ears, hair, fingers… you take the time to show us each part which often means stabbing the poor baby in the eye. I wish I didn’t think it was so adorable. Spoiler. It is. 

Mainly, you just ignore her and go about your day. I guess that’s a good thing and certainly far better than you being jealous or upset about her. 

I wonder how you actually feel about it and what it’s like to process this change in your mind. The only thing about you being so young when getting a sis is that I’ll never know this answer. You probably can’t even fully understand this circumstance and by the time you do, you won’t remember a time without it. 

In the meantime, as much as I look forward to spending time with you and I, I also can’t fucking wait to spend time with both my girls together and for the moment when you say “hi baby” and she at least smiles or laughs in return. 



Will be a big sis

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