105 degrees of sickness

May 13, 2017

Dear Baby,

This morning you woke up WAY earlier than normal with a fever and your dad and I were, to be honest, bummed because we had this really fun day full of seeing friends planned out that was to begin with an awesome birthday party. All morning we kept going back and forth about whether to take you in spite of your looking sick and remains flushed and hot but by the time we were putting on our coats to leave, you looked much too sick to take anywhere. We aborted the mission and you ended up taking your nap WAY earlier than normal.

That was a good thing because you woke from your nap (WAY earlier than normal), you had a raging fever. RAGING. You were 105 degrees of human and your dad and I were – to say the least – freaked. We gave you medicine, ran you to the walk in and of course, in true kid form, by the time the very nice doctor (who you called Doctor Ear) saw you, your temperature had subsided and you were back to your normal self.

You were diagnosed with a virus and contrary to the doctor we had seen the day before, she did not seem to think you had an ear infection which, side note: is super fucking annoying because I don’t know why that doctor we saw originally would just put you on antibiotics willy nilly. Like, maybe I don’t want my kid to just take medicine at your whim and maybe I fucking trust you as a medical professional to not just rush to prescribe my kid so that you can bill your time out and get to the next patient lickety split. Maybe I have a huge fucking issue with that. But nonetheless…

Anyways, we had a repeat performance of the fever at bedtime which was a horrible mess of tears and then your dad and I basically couldn’t even talk all the remaining night because we were both so emotionally and otherwise drained from having such a sick and delicious little girl to deal with. Good news: you’re fine. Bad news: I know this is just going to happen again and again. Not like we never get sick after being a baby – amiright?

Good news: Your dad and I managed to stay normal, not fight and support each other through supporting you. Bad news: the party we had to miss on account of you being sick sounded like the kids event of the decade. I hate to tell you this but you missed a bubble magician.

Moral: being sick fucking blows but no matter how sick you are (which I hope you’re not) and no matter how much I hate being around sick people (which I do) and even when pregnant (which I am), I will ALWAYS be there for you to wipe your nose (aka pick your boogers) or just give you a hug when you need it. Also, in case you have kids who get crazy fevers – kids get crazy fevers and really gross weird illnesses. Don’t do nothing but don’t freak out. It’s usually ok and manageable and like everything bad and gross and shitty, it will pass.



105 degrees of sickness

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